Our approach

What is the Dust-Free System?

 The Dust Containment System is a complete dust free sanding system that utilizes high powered vacuums attached to the sanding equipment eliminating the dust and toxins usually associated with traditional sanding systems.  The result is a dramatically more powerful system, providing evacuation of the airborne dust that is generated from the total sanding process.  

What are the advantages of Wood Floor Finishers using the Dust-Free System in my home?


* No ineffective dust covers required 
* No release of airborne plastics, toxins, allergens or debris. 
* Time saving and efficient 
* No saturation of curtains, carpet, clothing, furnishing, etc 
* No settlement or damage to HVAC systems (ducts or main unit). 
* No required removal of curtains, blinds, clothing, or wall decorations 
* No staining of expensive wall coverings or faux finishes.